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zillah666's Journal

Zillah was the most beautiful of the three, with a smooth, symmetrical, androgynous face, with brilliant eyes as green as the last drop of Chartreuse in the bottle. Only Zillah's hands gave away his gender; they were large and strong and heavily veined beneath the thin white skin. He wore his nails long and pointed, and he wore his caramel-coloured hair tied back with a purple silk scarf. Wisps of the ponytail has escaped, framing the stunning face, the achingly green eyes. Zillah stood a head and a half shorter than Molochai and Twig, but his ice-cold poise and the way his larger companions flanked him told onlookers that Zillah was the absolute leader here.
80's, apoptygma berzerk, art, artwork, assemblage 23, at the gates, bats, bauhaus, beborn beton, bella morte, birmingham 6, black cats, blood, body modification, bondage, boots, candle holders, candles, cemetaries, chai latte, cheesies, cloves, club, concerts, convergence, corsets, covenant, cradle of filth, danny elfman, dark poetry, das ich, death, depeche mode, drawing, edgar allan poe, emily, era-style clothing, fashion, fire, front 242, front line assembly, funker vogt, futon, gargoyles, ghost world, gloom cookie, goth girls, goth guys, gothic literature, gothic metal, gothic music, guitar, hair dye, hand cream, helium vola, him, hockey, icon of coil, in flames, industrial music, iron, kevin smith, kmfdm, lace, lavender, leaether strip, lenore, london after midnight, lunchboxes, machine head, mdfmk, medieval, metal, metropolis records, michael moore, ministry, movies, music, nancy baker, nancy kilpatrick, nightmare before christmas, nightwish, nine inch nails, nosferatu, oh my goth, painting, photography, piano, piercings, poety, poppy z brite, project pitchfork, projekt pitchfork, promoting bands, purple, purses, pvc, radio, radio school, ravenous, razed in black, recording studio, red, ringette, sandalwood, scooby doo, serial killers, shiny objects, shoes, silver, sisters of mercy, skinny puppy, skold, soulfly, spiders, sushi, switchblade symphony, the cure, the tea party, tim burton, tofu, tool, true crime, type o negative, velvet, velvet acid christ, victorian, vinyl, vinyl corsets, vnv nation, water, wicca, wolfsheim, wumpscut